Surrey City Council advocating “yes” vote in upcoming Transportation and Transit Plebiscite

SURREY City Council voted unanimously to endorse a “yes” vote in the upcoming plebiscite on Transportation and Transit at Monday’s regular council meeting. The endorsement will mean that the City of Surrey will be diligently working to engage, inform and encourage a “yes” vote with Surrey voters.

“Surrey has long been in need of more rapid transit and transportation options, and the regional Mayors’ Council Plan goes a long way in addressing those needs for our City,” said Mayor Linda Hepner. “The goal now is to ensure that residents understand just how much is at stake for Surrey with this Plan. A “yes” vote will mean less congestion and gridlock and  better roads, more transit, and fast light rail service that will keep our economy and people moving.”

Surrey and the communities south of the Fraser are among the fastest growing areas in the region. Over the next 30 years, an additional 380,000 residents and an additional 230,000 new jobs are forecasted for this area. The increasingly congested roads and the present level of transit cannot meet current demand. The regional Mayors’ Council Plan addresses this service gap for Surrey and significantly improves transportation options for the entire South of the Fraser area.

“It’s our turn to have the transit investment and service needed to move our residents and shape our growing city,” said Transportation Committee Chair, Councillor Tom Gill. “Given our large population and rapid growth, Surrey has much to gain with a positive vote in this Spring’s Transportation and Transit plebiscite. The regional Mayors’ Council Plan addresses the transit needs of Surrey from LRT to new transit in areas like East Clayton.”


Highlights of the plan for Surrey and the South of Fraser area:


New Light Rail Transit (27 km):

* LRT on King George Boulevard and 104th Avenue linking Guildford, City Centre and Newton

* LRT on the Fraser Highway to connect Surrey City Centre with Fleetwood, Clayton and Langley Centre


Upgrades to and widening of major roads to four  travel lanes, such as:

* 64th Avenue between Fraser Highway and Langley

* King George Boulevard in South Surrey

* Fraser Highway between 148th Street and City Centre


New and extended B-Lines and more frequent, reliable and extensive bus service:

* Two new B-Lines:

  1. One on Fraser Highway to connect Surrey City Centre to Langley until LRT is in service;
  2. One on Scott Rd. and 72nd Avenue to connect Scott Road SkyTrain Station to Newton.

* 96 B-Line will be extended to White Rock Centre via King George Boulevard and 152nd Street


Improved bus service:

* Expansion of bus coverage to Clayton, Morgan Creek and Anniedale

* Improved access to Frequent Transit Network

* 80% increase in night time Bus Service

* 30% increase in HandyDART Service

* Frequent (at least every 15 min) all-day every day service will be improved and expanded to new areas: e.g. 88th Avenue


A new Pattullo Bridge

* With wider lanes, a centre barrier separating northbound and southbound traffic, and cycling and pedestrian facilities.