Surrey City Council appeals for freight train speed restrictions in Crescent Beach area

Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner  Photo by Chandra Bodalia
Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner
Photo by Chandra Bodalia

SURREY City Council has endorsed a resolution to call for freight speed restrictions from 30 miles per hour (mph) to 10 mph leading in and out of the Crescent Beach area, from the existing Nicomekl railways swing bridge to 24th Avenue.

The complexities of changing speed on long, multiple engine trains requires skilled balance in braking and accelerating.  Freight trains rounding the Nicomekl railway bridge at 30 mph speeds have resulted in several coupling failures at the south Crescent Beach curve in recent months.

“Crescent Beach is a vibrant, growing neighborhood and rich natural setting as Surrey’s only ocean beachfront,” said Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner. “A marginal change in freight travel time will result in a significant mitigation of train traffic impacts on our residents, commuters and visitors alike.”

Freight Traffic along the Boundary Bay shoreline has increased drastically since 2007 with longer, heavier trains passing through the Crescent Beach community.

“We are working towards relocating this line altogether, but until that time, the safety of our citizens and accessibility of our residential and recreational areas remain top of mind,” said Councillor Judy Villeneuve. “That is why we are pushing for speed reductions along this rail corridor to ensure that safety comes first for the residents of the Crescent Beach area and to prevent further failures along the 100 year old line.”

These repeated failures continue to result in extensive safety and accessibility concerns from commuters and property owners alike.