Surrey Councillor Elford demands resignation of Mayor Locke at City Council meeting for ‘intentionally’ misleading public

SAFE Surrey Coalition Councillor Doug Elford on Monday at the Surrey City Council meeting raised a point of privilege and demanded that Mayor Brenda Locke immediately resign for “intentionally” misleading the public regarding the Metro Vancouver Regional District vote on the Surrey Police transition.

The motion stated: “Whereas, Mayor Brenda Locke made a premeditated and false statement regarding the Metro Vancouver Regional District (MVRD) vote on the Surrey Police Transition, which she then intentionally mislead the public;

“Whereas, 10 Metro Vancouver mayors have publicly disagreed with the Mayor’s claims, and the Solicitor General and Minister of Public Safety have stated that the Mayor is incorrect;

“Whereas, the Mayor’s actions violate the City of Surrey Council Code of Conduct bylaw, which requires Council Members to align their conduct with the City’s values of integrity;

“Therefore, be it resolved that the Mayor violated her oath to carry out her duties with integrity and must resign from her position as Mayor of Surrey effective immediately.”

Brenda Locke: The smile has disappeared!

Presently, Locke’s Surrey Connect enjoys a 5-4 majority in Council and so she can ignore the opposition.

However, Locke and her party have lost credibility with both the Provincial Government and her fellow mayors, and she has disgraced Surrey.

She apparently hopes that by refusing to admit her ‘mistake’ (to put it very politely), the whole issue will die out.



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