Surrey Councillor Elford wants Council to direct staff to remove false information from City’s website

SURREY Councillor Doug Elford on Monday at the Surrey City Council meeting introduced a motion to be considered at the next regular meeting of the Council to have the press release titled “Statement from the Mayor: Metro Vancouver Mayor’s Committee Unanimously Supports Retaining Surrey RCMP,” attributed to Mayor Brenda Locke on April 5 removed from the City’s website.

He also wanted the Ethics Commissioner to conduct an investigation into this matter.

The motion said: “Whereas this press release contains false information and misrepresents the position of the Metro Vancouver Regional Districts Mayor’s Committee;

“therefore be it resolved that council directs City of Surrey staff to remove this press release from the city’s website, and to issue a public correction acknowledging the misrepresentation of the Metro Vancouver Mayor’s Committee’s position on this matter and the Ethics Commissioner conduct an investigation into this whole matter and submit the findings to Council in public and open meeting.”

Elford’s motion is seen as a loud and clear condemnation of what most people considered to be unethical behaviour by Locke who had promised transparency and honesty, but has now become the butt of jokes all across Metro Vancouver and even the rest of the Province. Even her supporters have been put in a terribly uncomfortable situation.



Surrey Councillor Elford demands resignation of Mayor Locke at City Council meeting for ‘intentionally’ misleading public