Surrey: Launch of Health Tech Innovation Foundation

NEWS SURREY Lark CC1 CompletedINNOVATION Boulevard, located in Surrey’s City Centre, on Thursday announced the launch of the “Health Tech Innovation Foundation” which will oversee the “Innovation Hub” at City Center 1 (see photo) located across form Surrey Memorial Hospital.

The Foundation will work collaboratively and collectively in support of Health and Med Tech companies and organizations within the “Innovation Hub” to develop technology to solve specific health-related issues that will improve overall health outcomes for patients.

The Health Tech Innovation Foundation also announced that former mayor of Surrey, Dianne Watts, will be the CEO of the Foundation.

“This is a significant milestone for Innovation Boulevard,” said Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner. “The Foundation will provide the companies with access and support for Health Technology development, research and testing while the addition of former Mayor Dianne Watts will bring tremendous value to the position with her long history and expertise with Innovation Boulevard.”

The “Innovation Hub” will open its doors in April. The Health Tech Innovation Foundation is currently engaged with 43 companies including three multi-nationals.

Innovation Boulevard is an agile partnership of health, business, higher education and government creating new health technologies to improve peoples’ lives. Innovation Boulevard focuses on medical devices, independent living technologies, and digital health technologies.

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