Surrey Memorial Hospital in total mess?

YES, it seems true, judging from a Facebook post (see the unedited version below) put up by Ashiana Khan of MediaWaves radio station:

“I was admitted in the hospital on April 29th at Surrey memorial hospital. I came into the hospital with a severe migraine headache, my pain was over bearing I did not get an X-ray done until 24 hours later. I then had to wait a full day for other test reviews. While waiting they put me in a hallway in the emergency where they constantly bring ambulance patients in. It is noisy there is one washroom which is not always accessible. We were put on stretchers in a hallway for three days while being told there is no room available…. how is a patient supposed to be treated fairly and justly when they are literally thrown in a narrow hallway with one nurse who does not have access to all supplies. My experience at Surrey memorial hospital was horrible and while I do feel for all workers in the health field I also do not understand why there is not another hospital being built in Surrey…. I cannot express this enough. My heart goes out to all patients still stuck in the hallway…. ”

Time to wake up, Premier John Horgan and Health Minister Adrian Dix!?



  1. Did Ashiana happen to notice what was actually happening in the emergency room? With all due respect, the reason why she had to wait in the in the hallway was probably because the ER was full of people with life threatening issues. While Ms. Khan was waiting in the hallway to be treated for a migraine there were probably people in the ER clinging to their last thread of life after suffering some severe head trauma from a car accident or someone suffering from a heart attack or another gang inflicted gun shot wound to the chest or more likely someone being revived again for the umpteenth time from a drug overdose. I don’t discredit Ashiana’s migraine and she has ever right to be in the ER as much as anyone else in any other condition and waiting in a hallway is not glamorous at all, but more often than not the patients being treated in the ER are in far more worse condition than those waiting in the hallways. My heart goes out to the patients who were actually in the ER and maybe never made it out or maybe they did but now have life altering conditions to live with. Ashiana – I’m sorry you had a migraine and I’m sorry you had to wait in the hallway of Surrey Memorial Hospital’s emergency room. I’m even more sorry that you didn’t know you could go to the new Surrey Urgent and Primary Care Centre to receive faster treatment instead of waiting in the ER.

    • Sarah, it seems you just making assumption about who was treating for what at that day and maybe you missed that in times at Surrey Memorial Hospital ER there was only one doctor to check all the patients who admitted to the ER and had to wait all night until the shift change around 6:30 am for the morning doctors to come in and save the sick people who waited all night long in the ER hallway

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