Surrey Police Service deploying 11 more officers to work alongside Surrey RCMP

Photo: SPS

– 246 SPS officers have now been deployed into policing operations in Surrey

– SPS officers now account for over half of Surrey’s frontline officers


DURING the week of September 12, Surrey Police Service (SPS) is deploying 11 more experienced police officers to work alongside the Surrey RCMP in frontline policing.

This is the second deployment of SPS officers this summer, with 16 officers also having been deployed in July.

Deployments were temporarily paused between April and June, while all parties awaited a final decision on the future of Surrey’s policing transition. On July 19, the Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General announced a binding decision that the transition to SPS would continue.

Now, vital aspects of the transition, including the deployment of SPS members, can resume in consultation with the RCMP, Province, and City of Surrey. To date, 246 SPS officers have been deployed into policing operations in Surrey.

“It’s great to be able to deploy more Surrey Police Service officers to directly serve the residents of Surrey,” said Chief Constable Norm Lipinski on Tuesday. “This group of experienced officers will be welcome additions to support public safety in the city. With the provincial government’s recent commitment to complete the transition, we look forward to seeing even more SPS officers out in the community and responding to calls for service in the months ahead.”

On Monday, September 11, seven additional experienced officers were sworn in as the newest members of SPS. They now begin their SPS training in preparation for deployment.

Since November 2021, SPS officers have been deployed alongside Surrey RCMP officers, responding to thousands of incidents throughout the city. Currently, SPS officers account for over half of Surrey’s frontline officers.


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