Surrey Police Service is forging ahead, says Chief Norm Lipinski

CHIEF Constable Norm Lipinski asserted on Monday that the Surrey Police Service is well beyond a concept and is now a policing organization forging ahead in the building and development process toward operational readiness.

The initial advanced planning and preparation of City of Surrey staff has not only facilitated the processes for transition but has laid the foundation for forming the Surrey Police Service from both legal and tangible perspectives, Lipinski said as he assessed his first 60 days at the SPS.

Key milestones in building the organization were the appointment of the Surrey Police Board members and their appointment of Lipinski as the Chief Constable. 

To date, Lipinski has accomplished the following:

From an operational perspective, Lipinski has:

• created a draft organizational structure that will ensure a community responsive police service 

• appointment of two (of three) Deputy Chief Constables and recruitment of senior leadership is well underway

• actively working with all three levels of government and police partners in developing a Deployment Model for the transitional period from RCMP to Surrey Police Service operations

• design of crest that has been sent for Royal Assent

• police vehicle decal design

From an administrative and risk management perspective, he has:

• sought and successfully secured approval by RCMP National Police Services in Ottawa for Surrey Police Service as a Category 1 Police Agency with access to mandatory federal systems – this includes the Canadian Police Information Center (CPIC)

• Organizational Policy identified and moving through approval process

• secured MOU with the Independent Investigations Office

It is important to note that some of the administration accomplishments can only be achieved if the organization is recognized as a police agency, the SPS pointed out.

Both the operational and administrative accomplishments are of equal importance and work in tandem to move the organization forward to a place of operational readiness to serve the citizens of Surrey. 

Lipinski said: “I have been working at a very quick pace during my first 60 days at Surrey Police Service and will continue to for the foreseeable future. There are a significant number of moving parts and many mechanics to navigate, not the least of which is engaging the community and providing updates and accurate information on the establishment of your Surrey Police Service.”

He added: “Although we as an organization have been running silent up until now, rest assured we have been hard at work in the background and much has been accomplished. But more is yet to be done.”

Lipinski said: “It is important for me to reassure the citizens of Surrey that Surrey Police Service is in fact officially formed.  My focus, and that of the Executive and senior leadership teams, is to continue moving through the development process creating an organization that is community-centered in its service philosophy to the citizens of Surrey.”


  1. Has an official date been set yet? Months ago, Mayor McCallum mentioned the SPS would be up and running on April 1st.

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