Surrey RCMP Chief Edwards on the naming of Surrey Police Service Chief

SURREY RCMP Assistant Commissioner Brian Edwards issued the following statement on the naming of the Surrey Police Service Chief:

“Today I was advised, along with the media and the public, that the police chief has been named for the Surrey Police Service.

“I extend my congratulations to Chief Constable Norm Lipinski on his new position. It was my pleasure to work closely with Chief Lipinski when he served with the RCMP. I look forward to working with him again.

“It is important for all Surrey residents to know that, at this time, the RCMP continues to maintain responsibility for policing in Surrey. The transition of police services is a long and complex process, particularly for a detachment of our size. As such, Surrey RCMP will continue to manage operations until the Municipal Police Unit Agreement has been terminated or replaced with another agreement. This is the responsibility of the Province of BC, City of Surrey, RCMP and Public Safety Canada.

“There is no doubt that this continuing process to transition Surrey’s policing service has been challenging for our people. They are dedicated police officers and support staff, many of who live and raise their families in Surrey. For the past two years, they have continued to do their jobs with professionalism, integrity, and compassion, while working under a cloud of uncertainty for their personal and professional futures. I am proud to lead such a dedicated group of individuals. 

To the residents of Surrey, please feel confident that your safety remains our top priority as we move through this process.”