Surrey RCMP Chief slams five South Asians allegedly involved in four related shootings, says they’re involved in low level drug crime

Bill Fordy All photos by Jay Sharma of Mahi Photo studio
Bill Fordy
All photos by Jay Sharma of Mahi Photo studio

SURREY RCMP Officer in Charge, Chief Superintendent Bill Fordy, on Thursday slammed five South Asian males who he said police believed were involved in four related shootings in Surrey on Tuesday  and Wednesday.

Fordy named them as:

* Pardip Brar, 20, of Delta

* Indervir Johal, 21, of Surrey

* Amrit Kular, 20, of Surrey

* Sameh Mohammed, 20, of Surrey

* Pardeep Singh, 20, of Surrey

All five are known to police.

In addition, police are looking for three vehicles that are believed to be associated to the males and shootings:

* Grey Volkswagon Passat or Jetta

* Black Acura TL

* White SUV


CRIME 2015 March Surrey Shootings JAY 2FORDY said: “The four related shootings involve people who are involved in low level drug crime. From the intelligence that has been gathered so far, there is nothing to indicate that these incidents are tied to organized gangs.  However, these people are clearly violent and have shown a complete disregard for public safety.”

The VOICE was the first to report online ( on Wednesday that the four related incidents involved South Asians.

Fordy said: “Over the past two days Surrey has experienced five shootings and one male from Langley was found with injuries sustained from an unrelated shooting on the Surrey / Langley border.

“These incidents are of great concern and I want to assure the public that we are actively investigating each of these files. The six occurrences resulted in three injured males who all attended hospital and have since been released.  The victims have been primarily uncooperative with police.”

Fordy said that on Thursday morning a briefing was held with their investigative units as well as other partner agencies.  He added: “At this point, we believe that all six of these shootings were targeted, and four are related.  The most recent shooting on a residence last night and the Langley male that was shot are not believed to be connected to the first four shootings.”

TOP STORY SURREY RCMP BILL FORDY JAYFordy said: “This is a critical time in our investigation and we are asking anyone with information on any of these events to contact the Surrey RCMP or CrimeStoppers if you wish to remain anonymous.”

He said: “While we have engaged other law enforcement partners as we typically do during investigations like these, the Surrey RCMP have retained carriage of these investigations. I will reiterate that, at this point, we do not believe that any of these events are tied to high level gang activity.

“For those involved in these shootings or people who know them – I ask you to think about the safety of your family, friends and the general public. The manner that you have chosen to resolve this dispute is careless and unacceptable.

“For the citizens of Surrey, I offer you my commitment that we are working extremely hard on all of these events – not only to solve the cases that have occurred but to safeguard against any further incidents.” 




* On March 10, at about 4 a.m., Surrey RCMP were advised that a male with gunshot injuries had been dropped off at a local hospital.  Police attended the hospital and obtained the victim’s details but were unable to identify the origin of the man’s injuries. The 20-year-old man was treated and released from hospital.

* On March 10, at 6:45 p.m, Surrey RCMP were advised by the BC Ambulance Service that they were on route to a shooting with a male victim in the area of 127th Street and 78th Avenue.  The victim, a 20 year-old Surrey man, was transported to a local hospital where he was treated for his injuries.  The male has since been released from hospital.

* On March 10, at 11 p.m., Surrey RCMP received several reports of gunshots heard in the area of 128th Street and 76th Avenue.  Police immediately attended the area but all parties had departed.  Police were told by witnesses that four dark colored vehicles were seen departing the area at a high rate of speed immediately after the sounds of gunshots.  Police were able to recover some evidence from this location.

* On  March 11, at 1:30 p.m., Surrey RCMP responded to a report of a white SUV type vehicle that was seen chasing a black Acrua at a high rate of speed and once in the area of 132nd Street and 80th Avenue, the occupants of the white SUV shot at the black Acura.  Both vehicles fled the area immediately.  Police recovered shell casings from this area.

* On March 11, at about 11:50 p.m, Surrey RCMP responded to a call regarding a male with a gunshot injury in the area of 193rd Street and 80th Avenue.  That male was transported to hospital to be treated for his injuries.  He was identified as a 28-year-old Langley man.  It has not been determined as to where that shooting took place.  This incident appears to be drug-related and targeted.

* On March 12, at about 3:30 a.m., Surrey RCMP responded to a report of shots fired at a residence in the area of 94th Avenue and 126th Street.  Once police arrived all parties had departed. There have been no reports of injuries related to this shooting.  Police do not feel this instance is related to the shootings of March 10. Police have recovered evidence related to shots being fired from the area.