Surrey RCMP investigating video of mob violence as Mayor McCallum demands “immediate and strong action”

SURREY Mayor Doug McCallum on Friday in a statement said: “There is a video circulating online that shows a group of young men fighting, many of whom are wielding metal or wooden rods and sticks as weapons, and vandalizing cars in a parking lot in the 7000 block of 128th Street area of Surrey” and demanded: “It is imperative that RCMP take immediate and strong action to get a handle on this kind of mob violence that is occurring far too frequently in Surrey.”

He said: “I am deeply concerned that this kind of mob violence is happening with alarming frequency. In August, another large brawl in the Strawberry Hill area was caught on video. This behavior is repugnant and puts the public at risk.”

RCMP spokesperson Cpl. El Sturko told The VOICE on Friday that the incident related to that video circulating online was reported to police in the early morning hours of November 11.

She added: “So we’ve actually had an investigation open for a few days, but we only received this video which appears to be taken by people involved in the incident yesterday (Thursday. November 14).”

She pointed out: “So for us it’s opened up obviously a new avenue of investigation. So we are still investigating. We are not clear at this time what the motivation was, whether it was a targeted incident or not; we’re still looking into it. But one of the good things about this being so widely distributed is that it opens up an opportunity for people in the public who have any information about who the people involved in the video are … we ask them to come forward.”

She noted: “As much as it is disturbing for the public to see this type of violence, now we can have members of the public look at the video and help us to identify those responsible so that we can investigate what happened.”

Police believe there are many individuals who were involved or who witnessed this incident who have not come forward to give their account of what transpired. They urge anyone with information or who may know those involved to contact the Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502 or CrimeStoppers, if they wish to remain anonymous, at 1-800-222-TIPS or