Surrey RCMP plan extra patrols for Halloween

IN preparation for what is anticipated to be a busy Halloween weekend, Surrey RCMP is reminding residents to celebrate safely and responsibly.

The police’s usual Halloween safety reminders include concerns surrounding the use of fireworks, pedestrian safety, impaired driving, and fake weaponry. This year, Surrey RCMP is also asking the public to continue to comply with Public Health Orders, which have been put in place to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Officers from the Surrey RCMP Community Response Unit and the COVID-19 Compliance and Enforcement Team (CCET) will be on duty alongside frontline officers responding to calls for service and conducting pro-active patrols throughout the Halloween weekend.

The teams will be enforcing orders enacted under the COVID Related Measures Act, which not only apply to businesses or events but also to individuals at private residences. Underground dance parties or clubs are strictly prohibited and police are encouraging the public to keep gatherings small, adequately distanced, and safe.

On Halloween, Surrey RCMP regularly receives an overwhelming amount of noise complaints resulting from the use of fireworks. Fireworks are not permitted in the City of Surrey without a City of Surrey Fire Department permit and a Federal Fireworks Operator Certificate. Those caught selling or setting off illegal fireworks can face fines. Misuse of fireworks can also cause personal injury or lead to criminal charges.

If you have safety concerns regarding the misuse of fireworks in your neighborhood, call City of Surrey Bylaws at 604-591-4370 during business hours and Surrey RCMP non-emergency at 604-599-0502 after hours. 911 should be reserved for emergencies only.

“Halloween is of course, an exciting time for children. Please keep an eye out for trick or treaters who will be out walking in the community and crossing roadways throughout the city. Parents may want to consider dressing their children in bright costumes, and to remind them about road safety practices such as staying on the sidewalks, and making eye contact with the driver before crossing the street,” say police.

“Have a safe and happy Halloween!’