Surrey students teach music and English and share Canadian culture with Indian students

Surrey’s Pacific Academy Secondary STUDENTS from Surrey’s Pacific Academy Secondary recently returned from a spring break community outreach trip to Nagpur, India. The 11 students volunteered their holidays to work and help at the Prem Sewa Boy’s and Girl’s Hostel in the central Indian city.

The school and students seized an opportunity to experience the Indian culture while also developing long-lasting friendships and mutual understating. Pacific Academy students filled their days by teaching music, English and sharing Canadian culture. They contributed to the upkeep of the school by doing daily chores in the 40 C temperature, waking at 6 a.m. to clean, paint, cook and garden.

Many of the Surrey school’s students are now fans of cricket as they learned just how popular the sport is in India by playing the sport daily. They capped their hard work off with an unforgettable visit to the Taj Mahal.

Kudos to Pacific Academy and the 11 students for leading and participating in such a worthwhile program. Indeed, it’s through these types of endeavors that our next generation will mature with a respect for all cultures.