SURREY: Traffic disruptions during Indian and Canadian Prime Ministers’ visit

ON Thursday, April 16, Surrey RCMP will be closing 140th Street between 72ndAvenue and 88th Avenue from 10 a.m. to about 6 p.m. to facilitate security measures for the visit of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the Sri Lakshmi Narayan Temple in the 8300-block of 140th Street.

Local traffic will be permitted onto 140th Street from all feeder roads; however, access to 140th Street will be restricted from 88th Avenue and 72nd Avenue. Residents are urged to use alternate routes to and from their homes.

There will be a secured area between Bear Creek Drive and 140th Street through to 84th Avenue and 140th Street where absolutely no vehicle or foot traffic will be permitted.

Surrey RCMP officers will be positioned at each intersection along 140th redirecting traffic either north or south depending on which side of the secured area you live.

“We are trying to have the least disruption as we can to local residents, and we strongly urge those that live in the area to use alternate routes for that day,” says Surrey RCMP Sgt. Dale Carr.  “If you use 140th Street on a regular basis but do not live in the area we strongly suggest that you find an alternate route and stay away from this area all together.”

In addition to traffic redirection at 140th Street and 88th Avenue there will be high volumes of traffic in the area of 88th Avenue and the entry to Bear Creek Park as delegates for the event are gathered there and bused into the event at the temple.

”To alleviate any additional frustration and driving anxiety, Surrey RCMP is recommending that commuters choose an alternate route on Thursday other than passing Bear Creek Park on 88th Avenue,” says Sgt Dale Carr. “You will thank yourself for making that choice.”