Taxation workers’ union gives over $120,000 to Food Banks Canada, Red Cross

THE Union of Taxation Employees (UTE), a component of the Public Service Alliance of Canada that represents approximately 28,000 employees working at the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), notes that its members are working long hours and weekends to ensure Canadians get the help they need during these crucial times.

However, the union says it believes it has an important social role to play in our society and has a reputation for its caring and generosity in cases of need and has contributed to some very worthy causes as needs arise. Its members personally contribute year after year to the CRA Workplace Charitable Campaign for the United Way. Furthermore, UTE supports a charity of choice, the International Children’s Awareness, to whom it provides financial and human resources.

During these unprecedented times, the Union of Taxation Employees recognizes that it must continue to support not only its members but also our neighbours in need in our communities.

On behalf of its 28,000 members, the Union of Taxation Employees says it is therefore extremely proud to announce two new important donations during these times of crisis.

The first donation is to the Red Cross – Stronger Together Fund. 

This charity was set up for the families affected by the tragedy in Nova Scotia where 22 innocent people lost their lives on April 18 and 19 in the worst mass murder in Canadian history. UTE is donating one thousand dollars ($1,000) per victim, for a total of $22,000 to the Red Cross – Stronger Together Fund.

The second donation is to Food Banks Canada.

In 2019, there were over 1.1 million visits to Canadian food banks.  As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been significant job losses, layoffs and business closures which are predicted to increase the demands on food banks by between 30 and 50%. The pandemic has had an impact on many Canadian working middle class families, including some of the UTE members and their families.  UTE is making a donation in the amount of $100,000 to Food Banks Canada.

UTE has also invited its 60 Locals to consider supporting this very worthwhile cause by directly donating to their local food banks.