Teamwork and determination saves man’s life in Chilliwack


A team effort by members of Chilliwack RCMP, Police Dog Services and the RCMP helicopter Air One is credited for saving a man’s life in the backcountry area of Chilliwack Lake Road on Thursday afternoon.

Shortly after noon on January 13, Chilliwack RCMP received a report of a man acting erratically. He appeared to be experiencing significant medical distress before running into the bush.
Officers rushed to the scene where they searched a heavily wooded area through deep snowy conditions for the man.

“Determination, local area knowledge and experience in backcountry recreation were key in the search which saw officers track for eight miles in less than ideal conditions to locate the man,” said Cpl. Mike Rail. “Given the weather conditions and the fact that the man was not dressed or prepared for a night in the woods, police efforts undoubtedly made difference in saving this man’s life.”

When police located the man, his core body temperature had already started to drop and he was experiencing the onset of frostbite.

The man was transported to a regional hospital by BC Ambulance Service where he was treated for his medical needs.