The black cat that’s helping Surrey RCMP crack down on speeding

SURREY RCMP say they are utilizing a fixed radar system, the Black Cat Radar, leveraging technology to provide efficient and effective responses to speeding complaints.

Surrey RCMP’s Traffic Community Response Unit (TCRU) has acquired multiple fixed radar systems that are deployed around the city in known problem areas as well as areas where members of the community have reported speed concerns.

The radar systems are placed in strategic locations throughout the city to capture data, which includes vehicle speeds, and times of day and traffic volume during the time they are deployed. The radar systems do not capture images or specific vehicle information and do not result in violation tickets being issued. They do, however, help effectively guide further enforcement action when required, say the RCMP.

On October 14, TCRU deployed the fixed radar in the 12500-block of 104 Avenue, which is a 30km/h zone. The road is on a steep grade, has an active railway crossing, and construction along the north side of the road. There were approximately 2,000 excessive speeders out of the 34,013 vehicles that passed through during the seven-day deployment.

“Data collected using this technology allows us to better understand speed trends within the City of Surrey in order to effectively deploy our resources and take enforcement action,” says Surrey RCMP Traffic Services Staff-Sgt. Ian MacLellan. “You can expect to see additional enforcement in the 125000-block of 104th Avenue, based on the data collected. We also work with our partners in Vision Zero to bring forward concerns to the City of Surrey recommending improvements in road design when appropriate.”

Have an area in your neighborhood that you feel could benefit from a visit from a Black Cat? Contact the Surrey RCMP Traffic Community Response Unit by calling the Surrey RCMP non-emergency at 604-599-0502.