ME THINKS: Did Andrew Wilkinson have to make a fool of himself?

WITH former premier Christy Clark’s credibility in tatters, it seemed that Andrew Wilkinson, who former solicitor general Kash Heed called “bright” and “very clean,” sure put his foot in his mouth when he stepped out on Monday to lash out at the NDP for not having a proper plan to bail out ICBC.

For crying out loud, Wilkinson, didn’t Clark tell you that the report by Ernst & Young was commissioned by YOUR party which deliberately kept it under wraps because of the election? The NDP had been exposing how you used ICBC money to support your budgets and passed on all the burden to the poor drivers.

Andrew Wilkinson

Now, when the NDP has made the report public to show the mess that the ICBC has been in thanks to the manipulations of former premier Gordon Campbell’s government and then that of the Clark government of which you were a part, you had the nerve to state: “It’s time for the NDP to show some competence in office and tell us what they’re going to do?” (as Canadian Press reported). Hey, buddy, the NDP took over just a week ago! But what were you guys doing in Clark’s government? You couldn’t even answer that question when the media asked you about it!

Instead of asking for forgiveness for fooling British Columbians (after all, what else could you have expected from a desperate politician like Clark!), you ended up making a fool of yourself!

Hey, Wilkinson, don’t let Clark use you!