TransLink and City of Richmond break ground on new Canada Line Station

CONSTRUCTION began on Thursday on a new Canada Line SkyTrain station that will help deliver better transit to the City of Richmond and the Capstan Village area. The future Capstan Station will provide efficient and environmentally sustainable rapid transit to a rapidly developing Richmond community.

“Capstan Station will be the cornerstone of making Capstan Village centred around zero-emission, fast, and reliable transit,” said Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie. “This growing urban community is projected to bring up to 16,000 new residents to Richmond, and this new transit station will help position our city as an even more attractive place to live.”

The Capstan Station will have these additional features compared to existing Canada Line stations:

* Dual escalator sets

* A larger concourse

* Increased platform length and waiting space

* Commercial retail space

* Public art

“Fast, frequent, reliable, and accessible transit is the best way to build strong communities,” said TransLink CEO Kevin Quinn. “The new Capstan Station will be built right in the heart of a growing community and will help make transit the number one transportation option for so many new and current residents of Capstan Village.”

This $52 million investment is cost-shared primarily by the City of Richmond which raised $32 million from developers through voluntary contributions; and TransLink. Projected to open in 2023, the station will provide easier access to rapid transit between Bridgeport and Aberdeen stations.


 Quick Facts


* The City of Richmond and TransLink held a virtual open house in November 2020 to help determine the station’s final design.

* Capstan Station is a unique funding arrangement between TransLink, the City of Richmond, and private developers to reduce burden to Metro Vancouver taxpayers.

– This is the first funding partnership of its kind in TransLink’s history.

* This is the second time TransLink has constructed an additional SkyTrain station to serve an in-operation SkyTrain line.

– Lake City Way Station was completed after the Millennium Line opened.