TransLink service reductions beginning Monday; July fare increase deferred

TRANSLINK is reducing service on bus, SeaBus, and West Coast Express beginning Monday due to low ridership and financial pressures. TransLink is also deferring the fare increase scheduled for July 1 until a future date.

Service reductions

Customers should prepare for the following service changes:

  • As of Monday, SeaBus will move to a 30-minute sailing schedule all-day.
  • As of Monday, Coast Mountain Bus Company will reduce bus service with a focus on routes with very low ridership. Priority will be given to maintaining service on routes where pass-ups occur. 
  • As of Wednesday, West Coast Express train 4, leaving Mission at 6:55 a.m. and Waterfront at 5:30 p.m. will be cancelled.

Refer to TransLink’s online trip planner for detailed information on the affected routes.

Since mid-March:

  • SeaBus ridership is down 90%
  • West Coast Express ridership is down 95%
  • Bus boardings are down 82%
  • Total Boardings on the entire transit system are down 83%

As a result of the sudden and significant drop in ridership, the temporary suspension of fare collection on buses to allow for rear-door boarding, and a 60% drop in fuel tax revenue due to fewer people driving, TransLink revenues have dropped dramatically. 

At the same time, TransLink is committed to continuing to provide essential service for people working in health care and other vital sectors.

The current service levels may not be fiscally sustainable and further reductions may become necessary in the near future.

While TransLink is prioritizing routes with high ridership, these service reductions will mean longer wait times for some customers. We are asking customers to only travel on transit if necessary, so space is available for essential service workers.  Ridership levels will be closely monitored in order to balance physical distancing guidelines with the need to reduce service.

Fare increase deferred

Recognizing the current economic and financial circumstances, the Mayors’ Council has endorsed the TransLink Board of Directors’ decision to postpone the scheduled fare increase for 2020. This means fares will not increase on July 1 as set out in the Phase Two Investment Plan.

Transit fares were scheduled to increase by 20 to 25 cents for single-use fares, 25 cents for DayPasses, and $3 to $5 for monthly passes.

TransLink staff will analyze several options and report back to the Board and Mayors’ Council with a new recommended schedule later this year.