TransLink’s Pattullo Bridge deck rehabilitation and seismic improvement plans kick off mid-2016

Photo by Rattan
Photo by Rattan

REHABILITATION of the Pattullo Bridge deck to keep the 78-year-old bridge functional and safe will start mid-2016 and is expected to continue for about 18 months.

During this period:

* Two lanes will remain open (one in each direction) during the day, and all lanes will be closed at night and on the weekends.

* Due to narrow lane widths and opposing traffic flows during construction, heavy trucks (three or more axles) will be prohibited from using the bridge at all times.

* The sidewalk will be closed to pedestrians and cyclists at all times.

The lane-closure scenario was determined following months of analytical work and consultation with key stakeholders, including: the cities of Surrey and New Westminster; the BC Trucking Association; the New Westminster Chamber of Commerce; the Surrey Board of Trade; first responders, Port Metro Vancouver; and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

The lane-closure solution achieves the best balance between worker and driver safety, traffic and local business impacts, the needs of emergency responders, construction costs, and project duration.

To manage traffic disruptions, TransLink continues to develop a traffic management plan in consultation with municipalities and stakeholders.

TransLink will also ensure bridge users are told what to expect and that they understand their travel options well in advance of the closures.

Pattullo Bridge users should start planning ahead and thinking of alternatives, such as using other crossings, transit, carpooling, or traveling outside of peak periods.

The Pattullo Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in the region. Comprehensive deck rehabilitation work and seismic improvements are needed to maintain road safety and bridge functionality.

Fred Cummings, VP Infrastructure Management and Engineering, TransLink, said: “Keeping the bridge safe is our top priority. This option allows us to do the work while keeping people and goods moving. We will work with our stakeholders and the public to develop an effective traffic management plan while we complete this necessary work.”