Trudeau will advocate for Russia’s immediate withdrawal from Ukraine at G20 Summit in New Delhi

PRIME Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Wednesday that he will advocate for Russia’s immediate withdrawal from Ukraine at the G20 Summit in New Delhi, India, that he will be attending from September 9 to 10.

He will first travel to Jakarta, Indonesia, to participate in the ASEAN Summit from September 5 to 6. This will be followed by a bilateral visit to Singapore from September 7 to 8.

Trudeau said that Canada is, and will always be, a champion of the rules-based international order, and the global trade and economic progress that depend on those rules. Russia’s brutal war of aggression in Ukraine is an attack on the rules that all countries rely on to do business, trade, grow, and improve life for their citizens.

That’s why, at the G20, Trudeau said he will continue to advocate for collective action to hold Russian President Vladimir Putin accountable for his illegal war and to secure a just and durable peace that starts with Russia’s immediate withdrawal from Ukraine. Working collaboratively to tackle global crises while holding Russia accountable is essential to maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of the G20, Trudeau added.

Trudeau said: “We live in an increasingly interconnected world, and it is clear that the crises that exist today can only be addressed by pulling together. I look forward to meeting with global leaders to address the challenges and crises we are facing, seize opportunities for Canadians, and ensure a strong economy for now and for generations to come.”

The G20 Summit is under the theme “One Earth – One Family – One Future” and Trudeau said he will work with international partners to tackle today’s global crises to build a better tomorrow for people around the world. He will promote the United Nations’ (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in his role as co-Chair of the SDG Advocates group, and advocate for increased collaboration in the areas of climate change, international financial institution reform, food and energy security, gender equality, and improved global health.


Quick Facts:

  • Canada and India enjoy a close relationship that is based on their shared commitment to democracy, pluralism, as well as a free and open Indo-Pacific. The friendship is bolstered by strong ties between their people, and a long history of co-operation in areas ranging from trade, science and technology, education, and security.
  • Canada is home to a vibrant Indian diaspora, with more than nearly 1.3 million Canadians of Indian heritage.
  • The G20 is the primary forum for international economic co-operation among its members. G20 members are the world’s major economies and represent all inhabited continents, 80 per cent of world GDP, 75 per cent of global trade, and 60 per cent of the world’s population.