Two years added to Jarrod Bacon’s 12 year drug sentence

Jarrod Bacon will be spending even more time behind bars after an appeal did not go the way he planned.

Crown appealed his previouse sentence of 12 years, saying it was too light. It was then Bacon’s turn to appeal, arguing that it was too heavy.

The conclusion today from three judges is that 14 years is the appropriate amount of time he should spend behind bars.

Sergeant Lindsay Houghton with the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit applauds the move.
“With all the murders and media attention, we saw the Bacons continue their involvement in some very violent criminal activity that affected the entire lower mainland. We are very pleased with the decision from the court Thursday.”

He admits there is a bit of a vacuum created when someone like this is taken off the streets, “but make no mistake people still have influence from jail. We are not naive to think, nor should anyone be naive to think, that there isn’t still some control and influence being exerted from where he is.”

Bacon and his former father-in-law were convicted in February 2012, following a 2009 undercover “reverse sting” operation in Abbotsford. They were accused of bringing 100 kilograms of cocaine into the country from Mexico. The total value of the drug was between $3 million and $4.2 million.

The sentence of his co-accused, Wayne Scott, will not be affected. At the time of arrest, Bacon was dating Scott’s daughter.

Crown initially wanted Bacon to serve 20 years.