Vancouver Mayor Robertson contrasts Vision’s positive choice with ‘backward, right-wing NPA’

Gregor Robertson
Gregor Robertson

VANCOUVER Mayor Gregor Robertson and the Vision Vancouver team on Thursday said that they were continuing to advance their positive plan for Vancouver’s future, while highlighting the risk of a backwards NPA in a close election.

“There is a huge difference between the NPA and Vision Vancouver on the issues voters care about, and a lot at stake in this election,” said Robertson. “Kirk LaPointe and the NPA are not interested in dealing with affordable housing, they’ve fumbled on transit, and they promise to roll back our Greenest City plan. Kirk LaPointe and the NPA have walked away from the tough questions because they know voters won’t like their answers.

“The last two months of the campaign have made two things clear: voters have a stark choice between a right-wing NPA and moving Vancouver forward; and only Vision Vancouver can beat the NPA as a progressive voice for Vancouver.

“We are going to spend the next two days talking to voters about our positive plan for moving forward on the issues voters care about most: housing, transit, and the environment. We’ve got a plan to move forward on the Broadway Subway, increase child care, and grow our economy. On the streets, on the phones, and at the doorsteps, we want to make sure people understand the choice they are making.

“I love our city and I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished together. There’s more we can do, and I’m asking Vancouverites for their support on November 15.”


To see Vision’s new positive ads, click here: