Vancouver Mayor Stewart applauds Province for proposed legislation to stop illegal renovictions


VANCOUVER Mayor Kennedy Stewart on Monday said that the Province’s proposed legislation to stop illegal renovictions was welcome relief to renters all across the city who are struggling in the face of both a housing crisis and the ongoing pandemic.

Stewart added: “Stopping illegal renovictions not only helps keep people in their homes, but it will help protect our supply of affordable housing in the city. 

“Proper maintenance and upgrades are important to prolonging the life of a building, but we know there are some landlords who abuse this process by illegally forcing renters out of their homes. This is one action that can be taken to ensure our neighbours stay in their community at a rent they can afford.

“Today’s commitment from Victoria is in large part due to the tireless work of renters’ advocacy groups and many others in the community who demanded better protections.

“I’m grateful for the action the Province is taking to better the lives of our residents, and I applaud the work our City Council has done to stand up for renters, including the unanimous support for my motion last October that urged the Province to bring in these very changes to end unscrupulous renovictions.”