Vancouver Mayor Stewart welcomes new Equity Framework

Majority of Vancouver residents are visible minorities

VANCOUVER Mayor Kennedy Stewart in a statement on Tuesday, after Vancouver City Council unanimously adopted an innovative new equity framework to help guide the City’s work to be responsive to indigenous rights, racial justice, and intersectionality, said: “Today at Council, the City of Vancouver took the difficult but important step to acknowledge the existence of systemic racism, colonial legacies, and inequities in our city, civic administration, and council.

“Through the new Equity Framework, Council also committed to listening and learning from affected communities as we continue to reimagine and redesign all systems that disadvantage equity denied.

“The Equity Framework and the work of the City’s first Chief Equity Officer will help to build a Vancouver where all of our work helps to advance Indigenous rights, racial justice, intersectionality, and systemic cultural change.

“Vancouver is a city where the majority of residents are visible minorities, and in order to all move forward together in a way where everyone flourishes and can live their best lives, we must continue to strive to build a city where the dignity and rights of all people are lifted up and amplified.”