Vancouver NPA mayoral candidate Ken Sim concedes to Kennedy Stewart (updated)

Ken Sim on election night.
Photos by Sukhwant Singh Dhillon

VANCOUVER NPA mayoral candidate Ken Sim on Monday congratulated independent mayoral candidate Kennedy Stewart on becoming Vancouver’s next mayor.

Sim said in a statement: “Kennedy and his supporters fought a spirited campaign. The city and our communities are all better off because Kennedy and all of the other mayoral, council, school board, and park board candidates ran for election.”

Sim apologized for taking time to acknowledge that Stewart won the mayoral election, adding: “Given the close nature of the result, we believed that we owed it to our supporters and the city to ensure we had the correct result. This was not done to take away from Kennedy Stewart or his team’s accomplishment in any way.”

NPA council candidate David Grewal (left) came 11th with 41,954 votes – missing being elected by fewer than 2,000 votes. NPA Park Board Commissioner candidate Pall Beesla (right) came 11th with 36,129 votes (the first seven make it to the park board). Ken Sim is in the back on the far right.

Sim wished Kennedy and all others who were elected “only the best over the next four years,” adding, “I will always be there for you if I can help you in any way.”

Sim garnered 48,748 votes – just 957 votes fewer than what Stewart got. Shauna Sylvester came third with 33,457 votes in the mayoral race.


CITY of Vancouver’s Chief Election Officer on Wednesday declared the candidates elected with the highest vote totals in the October 20 municipal election.  The election verification process is complete.

Voter turnout was 39.36 per cent: 176,450 of the 448,332 registered voters in the City of Vancouver.



Kennedy Stewart (Independent): 49,705 votes



Adriane Carr (Green): 69,730 votes

Pete Fry (Green): 61,806

Melissa De Genova (NPA): 53,251

Jean Swanson (COPE): 48,865

Colleen Hardwick (NPA): 47,747

Michael Wiebe (Green): 45,593

Christine Boyle (OneCity): 45,455

Lisa Dominato (NPA): 44,689

Rebecca Bligh (NPA): 44,053

Sarah Kirby-Yung (NPA): 43,581


Park Board Commissioners

Stuart Mackinnon (Green): 73,549

Dave Demers (Green): 73,167

Camil Dumont (Green): 65,303

John Coupar (NPA): 49,768

Tricia Barker (NPA): 48,786

Gwen Giesbrecht (COPE): 48,404

John Irwin (COPE): 46,287


School Trustees

Janet Fraser (Green): 75,100

Estrellita Gonzalez (Green): 58,409

Jennifer Reddy (OneCity): 52,757

Oliver Hanson (NPA): 49,932

Fraser Ballantyne (NPA): 49,793

Carmen Cho (NPA): 49,541

Lois Chan-Pedley (Green): 48,409

Barb Parrott (COPE): 48,189

Allan Wong (Vision Vancouver): 47,301