NPA candidates David Grewal (Council) and Pall Beesla (Park Board) say Ken Sim will deliver change Vancouver needs

(L-R) David Grewal, Ken Sim and Pall Beesla.
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SOUTH Asian Non-Partisan Association (NPA) candidates David Grewal (Council) and Pall Beesla (Park Board) say that with an agenda to tackle the biggest issues facing Vancouver, including housing affordability, congestion, and high taxes, the NPA is offering a diverse team of candidates to voters in the election on October 20.

Mayoral candidate Ken Sim, an entrepreneur who has co-founded two locally based businesses and is the father of four boys, has brought together a slate that represents the best Vancouver has to offer.
Grewal is an engineer by training and co-founder of a successful energy company, while Pall Beesla, a bus driver and elected board member of the Khalsa Diwan Society, is running with the NPA for Park Board.

“Vancouver’s South Asian community has made incredible contributions to the city’s success – and there are no better examples than David Grewal and Pall Beesla,” said Sim. “Together, we have an opportunity to change this city for the better so that seniors, families, and our children can all live and succeed here.”
“I’m running to get City Hall working for the people of Vancouver, instead of making their lives harder,” says Grewal. “One of my top priorities on Council will be creating an efficient government by fixing the broken permitting process so that we can rapidly add the type of housing people need and creating job opportunities in our community.”
“I want my children to grow up in a Vancouver that’s affordable and welcoming,” says Beesla. “As a Park Board commissioner, I want to ensure that our community centres and recreational facilities grow and expand to meet the needs of diverse families and neighbourhoods.”
Both candidates also cited support for small business, including those in Vancouver’s Punjabi Market, as a key issue that motivates the NPA team.

NPA Candidates

City Council
Rebecca Bligh
Melissa De Genova
Lisa Dominato
Justin P. Goodrich
David Grewal
Colleen Hardwick
Sarah Kirby-Yung
Jojo Quimpo

Park Board
Tricia Barker
Pall Beesla
John Coupar
Casey Crawford
Anne-Marie Copping
Kathy McGarrigle

School Board
Fraser Ballantyne
Oliver Hanson
Christopher Richardson
Carmen Cho


  1. I agree with the NPA’s policies. These are not just a bunch of politicians that speak from both sides of the mouth. With Ken, David, and Pall, what you see is what you get. They and the entire NPA slate have my vote

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