Vancouver Police Board fears many officers will join new Surrey Police Department

THE Vancouver Police Board says that the Vancouver Police Department “is facing a unique situation due to the creation of the new Surrey Police Department, which has been confirmed by the City of Surrey and BC’s Policing and Security Branch.”

Vancouver Police Board’s Finance Committee Chair, Barj Dhahan, in his response to Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart and members of Vancouver City Council regarding a proposed reduction to the police’s operating budget, wrote on April 27: “In addition to the regular rate of attrition of approximately 50 officers retiring per year, the VPD faces an impending threat to retaining talented staff, as invariably a portion of its sworn officers and civilian professionals will transfer to the new Surrey Police Department.”

He pointed out: “Currently 41% of VPD staff live in Surrey and its neighboring communities, and the potential for staff to transfer is driven primarily by the area in which staff live.”

He warned: “It will take the VPD years to recover from this loss due to the significant lead times needed prior to new staff being deployable. It typically takes over one year to recruit, screen, train and mentor officers prior to their deployment, while onboarding of new staff in most City of Vancouver Departments takes considerably less time and training.”


  1. If you want to keep your officers from joining the Surrey Police Force, PAY THEM MORE!! Simple answer
    that is what all companies do to keep employees, not rocket science!

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