Vancouver Police Constable Ismail Bhabha found guilty of assaulting cyclist Kharazi in 2013 downtown incident

The punch that was videotaped and posted on Facebook.
The punch that was videotaped and posted on Facebook.

VANCOUVER Police Constable Ismail Bhabha, who was charged with a single count of assault in a March 25, 2013 incident downtown in which he was caught on video as he seemed to punch cyclist Andisheh Akhavan Kharazi while trying to arrest him for riding his bicycle through a red light and not wearing a helmet, was found guilty on Tuesday.

Kharazi testified that he couldn’t recall running any lights on his bike and that he normally stops for lights. He said he never resisted arrest or raised his voice. He said he moved his arms involuntarily when his arms were twisted behind his back by the officer who was trying to handcuff him.

Kharazi claimed that the punch chipped his tooth and cut hid lip.

His friend, Mike Schwarz, testified that he was not resisting arrest.

Bhabha is expected to be sentenced in November.

However, Bhabha will probably appeal the decision and meanwhile he will remain on duty.

Bhabha, who was born in London, joined Vancouver Police in 2008. That year he received an award of excellence from the British Transport Police Federation for coming to the rescue of a woman and her daughter who were being harassed by a mentally ill man. He was bitten on the cheek in the incident and had to undergo surgery.