Vancouver preparing for potential heavy snowfall this weekend

Snowfall in Vancouver's Gastown last December. Photo: Rattan

THE latest Vancouver forecasts are showing a likelihood of significant snowfall across the city this Saturday and Sunday. To prepare, City crews have been out treating all major routes with brine and/or salt. Staff and equipment will be available around-the-clock over the weekend as needed.

With as much as 30 centimetres in the forecast, the City encourages residents to only take essential trips and to take safety precautions if they need to drive. There are many things they can do to help keep the city safe in the event of snow:


Extreme Weather Response Shelters and Warming Centres

The City says it is committed to ensuring all residents have a safe, warm, place to come inside during cold months. Each location is managed by experienced and professional non-profit housing and shelter operators. Those looking for shelter space can call 2-1-1 to check availability.

Extreme Weather Response Shelters provide mats to sleep on and are open during extreme rain, wind, snow or when the temperature feels like 0°C or below. Depending on the location, visitors to these warm spaces may bring their pets, bikes and carts with them.

Together with its partners, the City has activated a variety of warming centres to encourage people to come in from the cold.

Warming centres are open when the temperature feels like -4°C or below or actual temperature of -5°C as a life-saving measure for people sleeping outside. While they are not set up with beds or mats, hot drinks and snacks are available overnight. The most up-to-date information can be found on the City’s social media channels, and at

Extreme Weather Response (EWR) Shelters and Warming Centres are in addition to Temporary Winter Shelters, which are open every night between November and March. A document listing all available spaces is available on the City of Vancouver website and our social media channels are updated regularly.



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