Vancouver to provide technical assistance for development of transition plan for local Surrey police

Kennedy Stewart
Official photo

EVEN as a couple of Surrey councillors who got elected because of Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum and who had agreed to a Surrey police force replacing the RCMP have been trying to sabotage McCallum by slimy, negative comments, Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart and McCallum on Monday announced an agreement between their cities to assist with Surrey’s transition to a local police department.
Stewart said: “At the request of the City of Surrey, The City of Vancouver has agreed to provide technical assistance for the development of a transition plan designed to help Surrey establish a local police department.”
He added: “While we assist in this transition with Surrey, I can assure that public safety in Vancouver will continue to be the Vancouver Police Department’s top priority.”

Doug McCallum
Photo submitted

McCallum said: “The City of Vancouver’s Police Department is internationally recognized for its evidence-based approach and commitment to excellence. With this agreement, the City of Surrey will be able to leverage the City of Vancouver’s Police Department’s best practices and implement them to our municipal agency to ensure our entire region continues to fight crime and promote public safety.”