City of Vancouver’s Chief Election Officer declares candidates elected

Hector Bremner
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THE City of Vancouver’s Chief Election Officer on Wednesday officially declared elected the 10 candidates with the highest vote totals in the October 14 by-election for one city councillor and nine school trustees.

Those elected will serve for approximately a one-year term before the next municipal election in 2018. Voter turnout was 10.99 per cent of the 442,792 registered voters in the City of Vancouver.


Councillor (1 elected)


(Candidate’s name and votes)


Hector Bremner (NPA): 13,372



School Trustees (9 elected)


(Candidate’s name and votes)


Janet Fraser (Green Party): 27,360

Judy Zaichkowsky (Green Party): 23,383

Estrellita Gonzalez (Green Party): 20,307

Joy Alexander (Vision Vancouver): 19,709

Allan Wong (Vision Vancouver): 18,678

Lisa Dominato (NPA): 18,258

Fraser Ballantyne (NPA): 18,048

Carrie Bercic (One City): 17,822

Ken Clement (Vision Vancouver): 17,583