Vancouver’s Khalsa Diwan Society gets nod for resolution to approve borrowing up to $4.5 million for renovations and extensions

Photos by Suki Dhillon

VANCOUVER’S Khalsa Diwan Society that manages Ross Street Gurdwara got the nod for three resolutions, including one “to approve borrowing up to $4.5 million for renovations and extensions,” from the congregation in a vote on Sunday, July 12. All the resolutions were passed by 82 to 83 per cent of the total vote, according to figures released by the Society.

The other two resolutions were “to amend the Constitution of the Society to comply with CRA’s Directorate” and “to amend the bylaws of the Society which is to have the Executive decide whether [a] resolution of the members should be voted on by show of hands or secret ballot.”

The group opposed to the present Executive disputes the method and results of the voting. They said: “No member of the opposition was allowed to be present at any time of the voting or counting. … How can there be fairness and justice when one group has access and control of the all the voting, ballot boxes and counting?”