South Delta: Windows of vehicles smashed, windows at Pebble Hill Elementary damaged

DELTA Police said on Monday that over this past weekend they responded to a higher than usual number of incidents of damage to property. The majority of incidents occurred in the 5100-5200 of 2nd Avenue. Unknown suspect or suspects smashed windows of five vehicles parked on the roadside in this area. In one instance BB pellets were recovered but it is not known if a BB gun was used in all incidents. Nothing appeared missing from any of the vehicles damaged.

In addition to the damage to vehicles, windows were also damaged at Pebble Hill Elementary. It is not known if the same suspect or suspects are responsible but it is possible as the damage is similar in nature and in the same general area. Damage to the school property is estimated to be $3,000.

Delta Police said they are investigating these incidents and will be increasing patrols for a greater police presence in the area and in an effort to identify the suspect or suspects responsible.

Anyone with any information that may assist in the investigation is asked to contact the Delta Police at 604-946-4411. If you see something or someone suspicious, call and make the report – it may just be the tip police need.