Violent crime down significantly in Delta in 2020

DELTA Police said on Monday that in the third quarter of 2020, violent crimes or crimes against persons in Delta, such as assaults, sex assaults and robberies, continued to be lower than the same time last year. From July through September 185 offences were recorded by police, as compared to 246 at this time last year.

“We’re very pleased to see violent crime trending downward,” said Superintendent Harj Sidhu, Head of Operations at Delta Police. “Year to date this category of offence is down 21% overall, a significant decrease that reverses an upward trend from the previous two years.”

Commercial break and enters are up slightly – 29 compared to 24 at this time last year. But year to date, the statistics are nearly identical.

Residential break and enters are up slightly at 41 compared to 39 at this time last year. However, year to date this offence category is down about 19%.

Collisions remain down in the third quarter, with 232 either reported to or attended by police in the third quarter this year. Overall, this is down 25% compared to this time last year. Violation tickets are also down, with 2,170 handed out in the third quarter, compared to 3,347 this time last year.

Delta Police said that unfortunately, thefts from auto have gone against the trend toward decreases in crime, and they have seen a notable increase in this crime type in the third quarter to 210 incidents compared to 169 at this time last year. That’s enough to boost this type of crime up by 6% year to date, compared to 2019.

Additionally, as was previously reported, incidents of cybercrime are up 15% compared to the same time frame last year.