Water crisis in Chandigarh after damage to pipelines

Residents of Chandigarh have been facing water shortage for almost a week after pipelines at Kajauli waterworks in Punjab – the primary source of water to the city – were damaged.

Authorities are working over time to put restore water supply, officials said on Tuesday, adding that it might take another three days.

Officials said here the Kajauli phase 4 pipeline was damaged due to “negligence” of the public health department of Punjab. The problem of water shortage started in the city on August 20, they said.

Punjab health department said the repair work will take another three days.

From Kajauli, Chandigarh gets 67 (Millions of Gallons of water used per Day) MGD water out of its total supply of 87 against a demand of 116 MGD, officials said, adding that at present the supply is 33.5 MGD.

Those living on upper floors are the worst affected due to low pressure of water supply, officials said.

The Chandigarh administration imposed restrictions on water supply till August 31.

Two pipelines of phases III and IV were damaged when workers were carrying out digging work for laying pipes under phase V and VI, officials said, adding that at present, water was being supplied from two pipelines of phases I and II.

Municipal Corporation had arranged 20 water tankers for drinking water, but residents claim they are booking water tankers for Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,500 for which they earlier used to pay Rs 400.

Kajauli water works is located in Mankheri village near Kharar in Punjab.