‘We must stay focused on how we can make people’s lives better’: Horgan

PREMIER John Horgan on Saturday addressed more than 800 of his fellow New Democrats at their biennial convention, encouraging them to keep fighting for progress, and highlighting his government’s many achievements over the last two years.

“We have to stand together, fight for the progress we’ve made, and the good work we have yet to do.” he said to an audience of delegates from all corners of British Columbia. “Together, we can get it done.”

In his address, Premier Horgan highlighted some of what he and the BC NDP government have done in the last several months, including:

  • Investing in affordable housing; cracking down on money laundering and housing speculation that helped drive up the housing market
  • Making education a top priority, hiring 4,000 new teachers and ensuring class sizes are smaller and better resourced
  • Giving BC’s lowest paid workers a raise, on the way to $15 an hour by 2021
  • Leading North America on climate action with CleanBC and growing a low-carbon economy that creates jobs for working people and protects our air, land and water for generations to come.
  • Becoming the first provincial government  to introduce UNDRIP legislation — walking together with Indigenous peoples on a path of meaningful reconciliation.
  • Funding quality, affordable child care spaces for 10,000 kids across BC

“British Columbians don’t want to go back to the days of bad choices and neglect where the wealthy get a free pass and everyone else gets left behind.  They want a government that’s working for them, not just the people at the top,” said Horgan.

“We must stay focused on people and how we can make their lives better. They are the heart of our movement. Let’s keep working for them and building a better BC.”

The three-day BC NDP Convention runs until Sunday. More than 800 New Democrats are gathering at the Victoria Conference Centre to debate policy resolutions, to participate in trainings, to elect party leadership, and to hear from additional speakers including the leader of Canada’s NDP, Jagmeet Singh.