What are Surrey RCMP and Surrey School Board doing about this?





PAUL Pederson put up the following account on his Facebook about how his kid was bullied by fellow school kids:

“Today my son who is a good student at Fraser Heights secondary in grad 9 was attacked by at least 10 older kids for an altercation that had nothing to do with him other than association to one of the involved parties. He was brought to the back area of the school near the tennis courts by a trusted friend no less and threatened with weapons to get on his knees and kiss the feet of his attackers and then kicked in the face afterwards. This happened today at lunch on school grounds. On Friday these involved parties had an altercation that involved a firearm being brandished which is now in police custody. We were not told about this as I’m sure many other parents. The school is was not put on lock down and parents were not notified. This is going to the police the news and the Surrey school board as well as our local mp’s and mla’s. this is what is happening in our local high school and our children are not being protected from preventable violence. This is the video in which my son is stacked without retaliation because the parties think that he “snitched” on them for their violent offences. THIS IS FRASER HEIGHTS. SECONDARY SCHOOL. We received this video because one of the attackers made a video and sent it to all the other children in the school and it eventually reached us.”