White racist scumbag exposed by video in Edmonton

The white racist scumbag.

A white racist scumbag shamelessly hurled all kind of racist abuse at a human resources professional who came here from India seven years ago – and then to expose her classless character even further, she told CTV: “I can live with myself. I have no problem looking in the mirror … I love myself. I have no problem with what happened.”

She screamed at Rahul Kumar of Edmonton: “You can film all you want Paki. Yes Paki, that’s you with the sh*t-coloured skin.”

She went on to mock his accent.

And when the video was aired by CTV, the woman claimed she was “not a racist.”

She claimed that tensions had been brewing since some weeks ago when she was at a housing complex where her friend lived.

She alleged that Kumar “went crazy” and started banging on her window, telling her she was “f*cking stupid” and to move her “f*cking car.”

Last week, when she visited the complex, the building management asked her to move her car again, and she went ballistic.

The woman, apparently the usual typical ignorant white racist, shouted: “F***ing East Indian Paki bulls**t” and “go back to your f*cking country, man.”

As she drove off, she spat on Kumar’s car and called him a “loser.”

Indeed, a great example to the children who were playing nearby!

Edmonton Police are reviewing the video and are investigating.

South Asians should keep their cool when facing such racist taunts from such scumbags. Just collect as much evidence you can and report it to the media and police. Don’t retaliate by using racist language yourself.

As far as the ignorant “go back to your country” insult is concerned, it can be applied equally to all white people.