White Rock resident exposes Delta councillor Kruger’s inaccurate claims about ride-hailing services

WHITE Rock resident Roderick Louis in a letter to Delta Councillor Dylan Kruger and other members of Delta City Council on Monday night pooh-poohed Kruger’s defence of ride-hailing services by quoting a raft of sources.

Lois Jackson

Delta Council rejected former mayor and current councillor Lois Jackson’s motion 5-1 to request that the Passenger Transportation Board “facilitates a comprehensive, fulsome public consultation process wherein BC’s cities, municipalities, regional districts, public transit agencies, disabled persons’ advocacy organizations, and the general public are invited and enabled to provide their views as to the terms, restrictions and requirements that should be included in operating licences that are issued to ride-hailing firms by the PTB.”

She wanted a level-playing field for all.

Delta Mayor George Harvey said that a letter would be sent to the PTB for differences in the rules for taxis and for ride-hailing to be dealt with. He didn’t want to slow down the introduction of ride-hailing but also claimed that he wanted the taxi industry to be treated on a level playing field.

The following is Louis’ unedited letter:

Dear councilor Kruger, and other members of Delta’s city council,

Contrary to statements made by Mr Kruger at today’s council mtg, other jurisdictions globally, and in North America have imposed limits on the numbers of vehicles that ride-hailing companies (such as Uber and Lyft) are allowed to operate…

The U.S. city of New York makes a good example:



Also, contrary to Mr Kruger’s assertions that (sic) ride-hailing works well wherever these services have been allowed to operate

…. Why then are Uber and Lyft suing New York city?? :


And, why are Uber and Lyft  being sued in multiple U.S. states because of their refusals to accommodate persons with disabilities:  

https://www.npr.org/2019/08/21/753034337/ride-hailing-revolution-leaves-some-people-with-disabilities-behind  (contains link to 5 minute audio report);

https://abc7news.com/automotive/should-uber-and-lyft-have-to-serve-passengers-with-disabilities/5314773/ (text, and contains link to 3 minutes video report) 


https://www.politico.com/states/new-york/city-hall/story/2018/06/13/new-york-city-and-uber-reach-settlement-on-wheelchair-accessibility-466459  – 

“New York City has settled a suit with Uber, Lyft and Via over requirements that it provide more service to people in wheelchairs….

“… by mid-2021, the companies must service at least 80 percent of requests for wheelchair-accessible vehicles in under 10 minutes and 90 percent in under 15 minutes ” 

https://www.politico.com/states/new-york/city-hall/story/2018/04/13/in-new-suit-uber-lyft-and-via-target-new-yorks-wheelchair-accessibility-requirements-364226  – 

“Uber, Lyft and Via may be rivals on the streets of New York City, but they are united in their opposition to New York City’s plan to impose upon them wheelchair-accessibility requirements….”

And, why are Uber and Lyft are both $$ Billions in debt??

Why have these companies always been, are today, and plan to continue to be unfairly and entirely unjustifiably subsidized (by $$Billions of dollars of loans??

BC taxi companies are not similarly subsidized and never could be: 

https://www.cnbc.com/2019/05/09/how-uber-is-losing-money-as-it-goes-public.html   – 
“Uber is far from making money. 

“… It reported an operating loss of $3 billion in 2018 after losing more than $4 billion the previous year…” 




Roderick V.  Louis