Wilkinson slams NDP government as BCUC rejects Hydro rate freeze application

Andrew Wilkinson

B.C. Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson on Thursday slammed the NDP government for “making reckless promises they can’t keep.”

Wilkinson said in a statement: “[Premier] John Horgan and the NDP made a firm commitment to British Columbians that hydro bills would be frozen. Today, we have learned that rates are in fact going up. The same NDP that found it so easy to make big promises during an election campaign finds itself, once again, unable to deliver on them when in government.

“The hydro rate freeze now joins the renters’ rebate, the 114,000 new units of affordable housing, $10-a-day child care and massive tax hikes on the NDP’s growing pile of broken promises.

“British Columbians, particularly those on fixed incomes, believed the BC NDP when they promised a freeze on hydro bills. They planned accordingly and are now left in the lurch and face higher expenses. This is a government that stumbles into messes that cost all of us because they put rhetoric ahead of planning. As the BC Utilities Commission said, there was ‘insufficient justification’ for the freeze.

“It’s clear, British Columbians can’t afford this government.”