Wilkinson slams NDP for making up half-baked tax policy on the fly

Andrew Wilkinson

B.C. Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson said on Monday that the “announcement of changes to the speculation tax is just another example of the BC NDP making up half-baked tax policy on the fly.”

He added: “In just over a month since their first budget, the NDP are already having to reverse one of their major tax announcements. Even more concerning is the lack of detail on what the lower revenue projections will be as the government tries to fix this blunder.”

Wilkinson said: “After trying to implement taxes by trial and error, the NDP are now scrambling to come up with a plan. The updated version of this tax still doesn’t focus on speculators who are flipping homes and condos. Instead, the NDP introduced arbitrary boundary changes to exempted areas that appear to be politically motivated.

“As the NDP are rushing to revise their tax, they’ll also be asking for your personal medical information in order to qualify for a special exemption.

“This tax “change” won’t solve speculation or affordability, not one home will be built because of these changes. The NDP are telling British Columbians to give government part of their hard-earned savings and investments. These continued flip flops create uncertainty, not affordability, and British Columbians deserve better than that.”