BC Liberals: Eby admits to his own condo flipping hypocrisy

THE BC Liberals said on Thursday that as speculation tax forms hit mailboxes across the Province, Premier David Eby has admitted he flipped a condo in Victoria, selling it just before the first speculation tax came into force in 2019.

“After spending years villainizing house flippers and calling people who own secondary properties speculators, David Eby is now admitting to flipping the taxpayer-subsidized condo he owned in Victoria — just weeks before he would have had to pay the speculation tax on it,” said Karin Kirkpatrick, BC Liberal Critic for Housing. “Eby is incapable of recognizing his own hypocrisy, implying that the sale, and the nearly $150,000 he made in profit, was not flipping, simply because he needed the money. “

She added: “It’s ridiculous that Eby believes it’s okay for him to sell a property and make hundreds of thousands of dollars from it while thinking everyone else who makes a profit from housing is no better than criminals who deserve to be punished. Before vilifying others, Eby needs to take a long look in the mirror and think about his own glaring double standards.”