Will Sarjit Saran win back Surrey Centre for NDP?

THE surge in NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh’s popularity is unnerving the Liberals in Surrey.

The Angus Reid Institute reported on Tuesday that the NDP is now the preferred party of nearly one-fifth (19 per cent) of the electorate and has picked up five points overall since the beginning of October. Also, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has seen his favourability rise 25 points since the campaign began.

Ipsos Poll says that in B.C., a three-way race ensues among the Liberals, NDP and Conservatives, with the Green party also polling in the double-digits.

Nationally, it says, “Jagmeet Singh’s NDP [is] riding a surge following strong debate performances in both languages. The NDP would receive 20% of the decided national popular vote, up a significant 5 points since last week, intensifying the prospect of vote-splitting among progressives.”

So that places the NDP is a very good position in Surrey.

In Surrey Central, NDP candidate Sarjit Saran is optimistic about winning back the riding for his party.

Sarjit moved to Surrey 20 years ago and has since lived in every district in the city. Currently living in Surrey Centre, he chose to run in his home riding for the NDP after hearing from many constituents that their concerns were being ignored when raised with the local MP.

While knocking on doors, meeting the community at events and when they drop by the office, he’s hearing hard-working Canadians are struggling daily just to make ends meet at the end of the month. He’s spoken with parents who are concerned about the increase in gun and gang violence. Seniors on fixed incomes are having to choose between paying for groceries or paying for the medication they’ve been prescribed.

These are some of the issues that people here in Surrey Centre are raising and Sarjit says he will always be there to listen and be a strong voice for his constituents. He says he cares deeply about them.