World War II era bomb found in grandfather’s closet. So who do you call when you find a bomb?

CRIME _bombEARLIER this week, Coquitlam RCMP responded to an unusual report of a bomb found in a home in the 100-block of Logan Street. A contractor hired by the family to work on their late grandfather’s residence found what he believed to be a World War II era bomb loosely sitting in a closet. The contractor immediately exited the home and called 911.

Investigators found out that the home owner’s late grandfather was a retired member of the Royal Canadian Air Force, and they believe the bomb may have been a training ordnance used by the military. Even a training ordnance usually carries a small but volatile charge, so members from the Royal Canadian Navy were called in to assist.

“When there is imminent danger to human life, the Esquimalt based Fleet Diving Unit (Pacific) Explosives Ordnance Disposal Team stands ready to assist police agencies at short notice. The EOD team is the first responder to deal with any military explosives and is regularly called upon to deal with such hazards as unearthed or souvenir old munitions, or marine location markers washing up on the beach,” said Lieutenant Paul Pendergast of the Royal Canadian Navy. “Protecting Canadians at home is Canada Command’s top priority and the Canadian Forces stand ready to assist the people of British Columbia.”

The technicians from the navy quickly arrived at the residence to secure and seize the ordnance without any incident.

“In my 17 years of experience, this is one of the most unusual calls that I’ve seen. Thankfully, the complainant did the right thing by calling us immediately and that in turn helped us to deal with the situation in a safe and quick manner, without risking the safety of the neighbourhood,” said Cpl. Jamie Chung. “If you ever find something like firearms or explosive, always treat them as loaded or live and do not touch or disturb it in any way. Call 9-1-1 for your local police and describe what you found and where you found it.”