2018 BMW M240i Coupe – Ultimate Driving Machine offers true thrills!

By Autoreviewman

A compact Sporty Coupe with the emphasis on performance the new 2018 BMW M240i as tested arrives with redesigned engine architecture, although power output is the same. There are multiple versions of the230i and the M240i which can be ordered as All Wheel drive xDrive, or as rear wheel drive only. There is also a convertible option as well. The M240i arrives with a wonderful 3 litre twin scroll turbo in line six cylinder engine generating 340 hp and a massive 369lb-ft of torque @1520-4500rpm.  Packed in such s small lightweight car and with a beautifully engineered chassis and typical BMW engineering and the M240i is sheer heaven for performance drivers, and it comes with a six speed manual transmission to heighten the driving experience.  Various M special equipment, badges and interior accent all add to the cache.

On the road. The M240i is a too true example of BMW’s “Ultimate Driving Machine “ethos. The driving position, and visibility is excellent and ergonomically you could not get any better. Acceleration is very fast and if you opt for the six speed manual, it’s a true delight. A light, but t firm clutch with a defined, biting point engages wonderfully and the gearbox offers quick direct, very satisfying shifts. Of note is the torque that even at a low 15200 rpm, still offers plenty of go up to 4,500 rpm. Motivation is quick and eager with almost no turbo lag from the smooth BMW straight-six engine.  The BMW does offer different modes, including sport and comfort.  Sport offers a tighter much firmer ride with sharper handling, and is best for when you want a more entertaining ride. The throttle mapping and power delivery is boosted in Sport and the car behave more like a raw semi-track car.  For every day driving, comfort mode is a better compromise, offering a softer ride without sacrificing too much control. The M240I’s almost perfect front-to-rear balance and new electric steering offer delightful handling. Power can be transmitted to all four wheels in the x-Drive versions when needed, but even the rear wheel drive model offer phenomenal levels of traction. The M240i sounds good too with the optional M performance exhaust.  Fuel consumption (Needs premium BTW.) is rated at 1.1/7.8/9.6/100 km city/highway/combined. To sum up, the BMW M240i offers the complete performance package in a delightfully engineered compact coupe. For Ultimate Driving Machine fans everywhere! Highly recommended.

2018 BMW M240i Coupe

PRICE: $47,500, – $57,200 not including $2,245 destination fee