Abbotsford Police Department Gives Distracted Driving Statistics

Since January 1, 2010, the Abbotsford Police Department has issued 4025 violation tickets for Using Electronic Devices While Driving. Approximately 31% of those tickets were given to drivers who were 30 years of age or younger. Therefore, 69% were issued to those over age 30. This may dispel the notion that distracted driving is a younger person’s issue. In fact the age category with the largest representation for distracting driving violations in Abbotsford is persons aged 31-40 (30%). If we look at the age range of 21-40, it represents almost 58% of the violators. The oldest ticketed violator in our city was 80 years of age. Clearly, people of all ages drive distracted and create road safety issues by using electronic devices while engaged in the complex task of driving.

We are challenging the citizens of Abbotsford to do better. If you are in any of the age categories listed in the graphs below, there is room for improvement, say the APD.

Stay Alert. Slow Down. Think Safe.