SkyTrain Hero Saves Injured Man From Surrey Tracks

A Gabriola man is being hailed as a hero after jumping onto the tracks at Scott Road SkyTrain station in Surrey to save another man who had fallen and lay injured.

Brian Fleetwood was visiting family over the Thanksgiving weekend and was heading to the Canucks game with his brother-in-law Saturday when he spotted a man lying injured on the tracks and jumped down to offer help, Surrey Now reports.

“I turned around … and then I saw a man lying face down on the track about 30 feet away, so I started to run toward him,” Fleetwood told The Province.

Fleetwood stayed with the fallen man who appeared to have had a seizure and was bleeding heavily from his head, The Province reports. Fleetwood shouted for someone to call 911 and waited on the tracks comforting the injured man until two others came to help lift the man off the tracks.

After the man was taken to hospital by paramedics, Fleetwood simply cleaned himself up as best he could and went to see the Canucks.

Fleetwood’s sister, Kathryn Chouinard, wants the world to know what a Good Samaritan her brother is. She wrote a letter to the Surrey Leader, describing what happened, and noting that news about the Surrey SkyTrain is generally bad.

“Yet this past weekend there was a Good Samaritan who jumped onto the tracks to help a stranger,” she wrote.

She says she asked her brother what had gone through his mind at the time, and he said: “Someone was hurt and I had to go do what I could to help him.”

Chouinard ends her letter by writing, “I am thankful for my brother Brian. He is a true hero and we are so proud of him.”