Abbotsford Police Department partners with 529 Garage bike registry

THE Abbotsford Police Department has partnered with 529 Garage bike registry to help reunite stolen bicycles with their owners.

So far this year, 187 bikes have been reported stolen in Abbotsford and many bikes have been recovered by police.  However, without a way to identify the recovered bicycles, returning them to their owners is challenging.

You can help protect your bike by: 

  • Registering your bicycle with the 529 Garage bike registry – registration is free and takes only minutes to complete.
  • Affixing a 529 Garage decal to your bike to discourage thieves.
  • Safely storing or locking up your bike.

In the event your registered bike goes missing, you’ll have everything you need to advise the police and significantly increase the likelihood of your recovered bike being returned to you.  Police officers are able to check the 529 Garage app roadside to see if a bike is stolen.

The fee for the 529 Garage Shield (decal) is usually $12.99, but is waived when you register through the  Abbotsford Police Department.